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5 ways to make a 'To-Do' list for your project

For every project I think up or is given to me, the first thing I do is break it down into a to-do List.

This is one of the biggest steps recommended in the bestselling productivity book: Getting things done by David Allen, as a way to tackle big overwhelming tasks and plan ahead for any obstacles. Sometimes one system will work for you but I use a combination of some of these daily to not only catch tasks as I think of them but to then prioritise and organise the tasks that I can’t get done right away.


Note-taking app’s on your phone

Quick, readily available wherever I am and syncs across devices. Some great note-taking apps I can recommend are Todoist (IOS, Android & PC), (IOS, Android & PC), Apple notes (pre-installed on Iphones) and Google keep (Iphone only), but all of the below options also have connected phone apps (Yes, even the Bullet Journal!).



A clean and simple space to easily breakdown a multitude of projects. We used this when building our campervan Maggie!

In Order of Importance

Prioritise Me

An ADHD friendly app which has you list every task you’d like to do that day and one by one, pits them against each other while asking you: Which is more important? Do it quickly for a very honest priority list!



A ‘To-Do List’ app which focuses on being mindful with your day. It lets you clearly see urgent or important tasks and helps you categorise your tasks between work and home life to encourage a balanced day.

With Pen & Paper

The Bullet Journal

An analogue pen and paper system designed for the digital age. Track your past, order your present, design your future. An ADHD friendly system I have been using for 7 years and is still the best To-Do list system I have.

- Go here to watch the system in action on youtube

- Go here to see my other blog post on why I love mine so much

These are just a few examples of what I like to use, but there are hundreds of different ‘To-Do’ app’s out there. I hope you found this list useful and maybe it helped you to look past the obvious to find something new which works better for your brain.

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