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Admin Tip: Syncing Digital Calendars

In this age of digital mail, we have the power to create email addresses for free, for multiple different purposes, on various platforms and software. While this is great for keeping certain parts of our lives separate or confidential, managing our time across numerous digital calendars can become annoying and inconvenient. Solution: Sync them together!

No matter if you use Gmail, Outlook, iCal or a combination of them all, syncing your calendars so all of them show an accurate representation of your day makes it far less likely to have embarrassing double bookings or missed dentist appointments!

Confidentiality: Most calendar software lets you share your calendar with specific permission settings. This means rather than showing the details of your work meeting on your family calendar, it can just say 'Busy'.

Tip: Get your company's permission before sharing outside of their network, and ask the IT department how you can do this safely if it's an issue.

Filtering: If you are put off by the idea of a busy calendar all the time, then look into how you can turn specific sections of the calendar on and off. Then you can plan your day with all the calendars turned on, but switch off all but your work-related entries when needed.

Below I’ve found some great tutorials for syncing your calendars based on the top 3 email providers of 2022. Take 10 minutes, sync your calendars, and always know if there is somewhere you should be!



iCloud Mail

If you have any issues with syncing your calendars, a quick google search of your issue will likely find you a solution but if not, please let me know. I love sorting these fickle technical issues and quickly outsourcing this problem can save you hours of frustration in the future.

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