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Digital Nomad Life: Morocco, baby!

We’re heading to Morocco in Maggie our Campervan, for Winter 2022!

We are exceptionally excited about this trip for two reasons: 1. Neither of us have really been to Africa (apart from a day trip to Egypt where we didn’t get to explore much), so feels like a new country! & 2. We bought the van originally so we could go away in winter, but due to Covid and a long family illness, we haven’t had the chance yet! So, this is our first chance to truly follow the sun. But this southern hemisphere adventure will be our first true culture shock since we visited India & Asia 5 years ago!

Since then our travels have been either closer to home, or completely restricted. We’ve gotten comfortable always being able to get what we need, always knowing someone we speak too will likely know understandable English and most of our days out have been pretty calm trips.

But Morocco is likely to shake all of that up.

Some creative problem solving we've been doing as we've been researching our trip:

  • Our van heating, oven and stove all run on a refillable LPG tank.. that’s not really a thing in Morocco apparently… so we now have an electric pan and heater!

  • We usually spend our days in forests wild camping.. we’re going to be trading that for deserts and finding a campsite every night, which is good because that electric heater sucks a lot of power!

  • Our clothes need to be light enough for hot days, but long enough to be respectful of the Muslim culture… but taking some fluffy socks for the cold nights!

  • The water is on the undrinkable side.. so bottled water it is!

  • Easy European vegan substitutes will become spicy lentil soups, vegetable couscous cooked in tagines and so much humous and bread... Yum!

  • And our usual calm bike rides will become heart stopping, traffic racing Tuk-tuks! I am here for it!

You might think we’re mad for being excited by all these changes, for our lives as we live them now to be flipped and to welcome the chaos. But when we think about the complete and utter culture shock we had when we visited first travelled east to India 7 years ago, it was amazing!

Experiences from our India & Asia trip:

Challenges help us grow as people, uncomfortable situations stretch our comfort zones to welcome new experiences and seeing the world with your own eyes keeps away fear of the unknown.

Plus, freya will be in school in 2 years, so times for these long adventures will be hard to find soon. Got to make the most of it while we can!

So, sign up to the Raise Your Game! Newsletter or my socials to get updates on our travels.

Have a wonderful December, a merry holiday and I’ll see you in the New Year!

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