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Virtual Assistance


While my previous corporate job relied on my project management skills, over the years I have also skilled up in many other area's that could help your business level up too.


Insurance Company

I am creating a custom budgeting system using Microsoft Excel Power Query to collate bank accounts, track income/expenses and create specified financial breakdowns where needed.

Accounting Documents

Website design

Poppins Therapy Center

I designed, developed and still manage content for a website that combines helping people find local counsellors and offering private counsellors office space in the town centre. The site is pure html/css.​​

Website Design

Lhamo Grace

I am currently working with the inspiring Lhamo Grace to combine her multi-passionate work into one coherent website, designed and developed on

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Image by Stephen Phillips -

Data Entry

Freelance writer & editor

My client was stuck - he was inundated by a time-consuming invoicing process involving sifting through over 200 emails, categorising them by time spent, type, and cost. By outsourcing it, he could focus on the parts of his job that really mattered - while being sure of getting invoiced on-time and for the right amount

Graphic Design

Friends of the Earth

I volunteered for Friends of the Earth creating several newsletters/printed magazines, promoting their events, ideas and ways the public can get involved. Below are some of the pages from the printed booklets: 

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